Therapeutic Focus

Our current Therapeutic Focus at ActivX is in Oncology.

Oncogenesis, the creation of a cancer, is a complex process leading to the dysfunction of numerous cell signaling and regulatory pathways and resulting in uncontrolled cell division. ATP- and GTP-utilizing enzymes, such as protein kinases and G-proteins, are major oncology targets due to their central role in nearly all of these pathways. The interrogation of ATP and GTP Binding Space is a key “sweet spot” of our ActivX Targeted Probes Platform and, especially, our KiNativ™ In Situ Kinase Profiling Platform. Our approach to design and development of small molecule cancer drugs capitalizes on this technological strength.

ActivX technology can guide chemistry early in the drug generation process to design new drug candidates within various families of drug targets. This targeted approach allows ActivX to leverage its chemistry repertoire for multiple targets within a given family. Additionally, ActivX's technology has proven particularly useful to the design of highly selective kinase inhibitors. This selectivity can enhance the safety profile of its targeted drugs.

ActivX's unique discovery approach, combined with an experienced management and scientific team, a broad network of scientific and clinical experts, and resources of our parent company, Kyorin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., has been a key driver of the company's success.

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